Aslam Haaroon
Timely, respectful, and professional
McCarthy Dan
Awesome Company and highly recommended! Everything was great...ETA was on time, pricing was very fair and driver Marco was excellent and his attention to detail was first class! There are many towing options in the Springs and can't think of any company that would exceed Knobhill Towing in service and reliability...5 stars!
Brian Snapp
I guess tipping tow truck drivers is a thing in this dumb society now. Great work and all but tipping has gotten out of hand.
Rhilie Tighe
It is the best towing company there is in colorado. 10/10 would recommend
Dan Sager-Lee
Carol Cromie
Excellent, fast service on a busy day.Thank you, Nason!
Matthew Abeyta
Shenita Haggins
Great service!
Sharon H
We called this morning for a tow and they were there within an hour. Fast, friendly and affordable.
Raymond Fuller
I am a Heavy Tow Operator and Premier Auto and RV in Falcon. We specialize in towing Diesel Pushers, Tractor Trailers, Over-Size Loads etc.Knob Hill Towing gets Five Stars because I know they do a good job. They are professional and reliable. I've been on accident scenes with Knob Hill and they are almost as good as me ;).
Rebecca Soliz
Great people and fast service. If you are on the spring they are the only people to call
Kayla Limitone
Knob Hill was called after my husband rolled our car. We only had liability (lesson learned), so everything was out of pocket. It wasn't cheap.After all was said and done, I found that the cost was considered "reasonable" by the Colorado consumer protection act. The high side of what's legally allowed mind you, but still legal. They're supposed to charge by the quarter hour so it's curious how it was 2 hours exactly, but I don't know if either side can prove that.So aside from the price, my only real qualm was the seemingly understaffed service. She was kind considering how overwhelmed she seemed and answered all of my questions despite her business. She did not give me options, or offer to tow the vehicle from impound to our home even though that was a service they offer (would have saved us some money and make them some extra). I found out that was an option after much struggle to get a towing company, costing me an extra day impound.They need more service reps for the amount of business they're trying to handle. They're missing out on money by spreading their staff too thin and not educating their customers of their full range of service.Rather than charging the absolute maximum they can legally get away with, they should hire more help to educate (and upsell) their customers. It would have saved me a ton of headache and made them more of my money.I ultimately used another towing company because I didn't want knob hill to get any more from me. Ironic isn't it?
Jason Peña
Jhay provided phenomenal customer service, was on time to tow my vehicle and was very polite. An amazing experience.
Reylee Lucky
Omgosh they came so quick!!!!! Maurice was a perfect gentleman and made sure everything was safe before I left. Thank you so much!!!!!!
Jeric Kirkland
Great friendly service! Thanks for all your help!
Daniel Moses
Wonderful experience with them, my wife wrecked her ATV and was life flighted with serious injuries. They recovered the ATV and all my items left at the scene. They also kept us informed during every step. Highly recommend!
Rauni Dennis
Wonderful experience after a horrible one. Dispatch was very help, especially being that this was my first accident. Victor was outstanding with great customer service. He even put my car all the way into my garage, which is on a hill and in a pretty small alley. IT WAS AWESOME!
Draen Despana
They had amazing availability, and wer able to get my car towed an hour after I called them. Nason was incredibly smart, as my car broke down in a terrible spot and he came up with a great plan to get it on his truck, amazingly friendly, and just a genuinely good guy. Outside of helping me he was great for conversation and gave me some amazing advice for my situation. Can't recommend them enough!
Debbie Debbie
Fantastic Customer Service! Super friendly!Quick and professional!Safely got me and my Tesla to where I needed to be in no time at all!
Nason was awesome! Friendly and fast service. You guys rock!
I have nothing but positive things to say about Knob Hill Towing. I broke down at a busy intersection with a trailer in tow at 10:30 p.m. in Colo. Springs. What a NIGHTMARE! Knob Hill was the only tow company out of 7 others to answer my call for help and get to the scene in a reasonable time frame. They assessed my dire situation and took immediate action, including finding a suitable shop and hauling my truck there the next morning.From sincere customer service to beyond fair pricing, Knob Hill treated me like an old friend.If you're in Colo. Springs and you need road service or a tow, don't bother with any others; CALL KNOB HILL TOWING!Thank you again Knob Hill.
Craig Gill
Bret Woodmancy did a great job towing our International flatbed. He was on scene quickly. Was professional and courteous.
These guys are legit. Everyone else wants to work limited hours but Knob Hill actually worked.They were available at 8pm when I needed them, and the tow truck driver was chill af.Other towing companies like MNS, Affordable Towing, and Pinky’s claim they’re open 24 hours but are not!Call Knob Hill, it was highly recommended. I was happy with their service.
Didn’t have to wait that long, Ryan (the supervisor) came before the driver to ensure everything went smoothly and brought me water for the heat, towing was quick and efficient. My driver Victor got the car on with no damage and drove safely to my destination. And the dispatcher Brooklyn was calm cool collected throughout the whole process and was very friendly.
Joshuah Boucher
Cheryl Perez
They were great!!!
Jule Day
Amazing thank you for saving us and the price was great to.
We had an accident in the middle of the night and we called many places. Knob Holl Towing was so helpful immediately starting with the very kind calm dispatcher. She was very friendly and knowledgeable! One of the owners called personally to help us figure out where to take our vehicles. Needed them again the next day, and they were there so quickly. Outstanding compassion and excellent customer service.
Anthony Parsons
My truck broke down not too far from my home. I needed a quick and fair priced tow, and that’s exactly the service I received. Heather answered my call and was quick to get my information and an E.T.A. of 30 minutes. Ryan, arrived early, and had my truck loaded up safely. He unloaded my truck in my tight driveway with precision. Very courteous and professional! Would highly recommend.
Justin Axline
Extremely professional and very helpful. Will always use them when in need.
They should mention they don't tow from private property. Have someone illegally parked on your property? Not their problem. I'm sure they're fine at everything else.
Bria Naylor
Great service! They’ve picked up our food truck on multiple breakdown occasions. Fast and reliable!
Jill Tullous
Professional prompt Safe transport
I would give them six stars if I could. My experience was incredible. We waited at the police impound lot to pick up my neighbors kids' car exactly 40 seconds for the truck to show up ( driver happened to be dropping off a truck) the vehicle we were picking up was a non-roller however the driver loaded and unloaded with no extra damage. Great job guys great price, thank you.
Nick Jess
Good God Almighty Knob Hill Towing one of their drivers just entered on the Tejon exit heading Northbound on I-25 going towards exit 141 where there's an accident in the breakdown Lane with his horn blaring and his torso and middle fingers out to everybody just about cause three or four accidents
I was in an accident Saturday afternoon 215 pm, and the police called Knob Hill Towing to come get my truck as it was completely disabled. Nasom told me the fee would be $260, and that that I would have "15 min on Monday" to get my belongings out. Today, Monday 1025 am, I called Knob Hill Towing to let them know I was having Bumblebee Towing pick up my truck and pay the fees--I was informed that the fees were now $671.40--what the heck???? $131.40 for 3 days of storage--um, Saturday to Sunday is one day, Sunday to Monday is two days--so where did the extra day come from? THEN $150 admin fee--and $390 hookfee. Seriously--way overpriced, overcharging, and RUDE as all get out--15 minutes to empty my vehicle--not happening--glad that Bumblebee is taking care of this for me--they will get it to their shop and figure out if the vehicle is worth salvaging....DO NOT RECOMMEND KNOB HILL TOWING!
Colorado Emergency Service Support / Search and Rescue would like to thank Knob Hill Towing. They donated a tow to get one of our service vehicles to a shop when it needed repairs. As a 501c3 non profit with limited resources and budget, community support from local businesses allows us to better focus on our mission and continue to support the community. Knob Hill Towing showed up when they said they would and made easy work of moving our broke down vehicle to where it needed to be.Thank You!
dyllan morrison
Do not use this company they are highway robbers, my wife wrecked her vehicle and it cost me just under $1000 to get it back from them and had it for 24hrs. they also would not let me retrieve my wife's belongings from the vehicle until the tow bill was paid in full.
Iren Jones
Great experience. Good folks if ur in a bind.
Jenny Cabrera
Extremely unprofessional.
After a car accident, I called another towing company, who was asking 100 questions about my car accident and the police report before they would come tow my car... I ended up hanging up on them and calling KH, who asked a few questions about the car and where it needed to go, and told me they could call me when they were on their way, so I could make sure I was at the car when they got there, but didn't have to wait with the car all day. Thanks for making it easy for me instead of adding to my stress, KH.
Mike Petramala
Good service quick fast and efficient
Thank God someone is helping remove abandoned vehicles from our “Paradise city” keep up the great work and great rates for all towing services 😎
On October 9th our car broke down between Pueblo and Colorado Springs on I25. We called AAA and had issues getting a tow due to needing to be towed 160 miles and having a dirt bike on a rack on the back of the SUV. We called the AAA dispatcher numerous times and was finally connected with Ryan at Knob Hill Towing. Ryan said it was no problem to tow the long distance or having the dirt bike on the car. Katie the tow truck driver arrived and confirmed no issues with the dirt bike as well. Ryan and Katie went above and beyond for us that night. We had been sitting on the frontage road of I25 for 5 hours prior to getting connected with them. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Ryan and Katie with Knob Hill Towing. They truly were our heroes and angels that night. Katie took us all the way to Silverthorne and we felt safe and cared for in her hands. Both Ryan and Katie were professional as well as kind and caring. If you are ever in need of a tow in the COS area, call Knob Hill Towing or ask AAA to call them.
Greg Floyd
This place only cares about money.You can't get any personal effects or take pictures.Their customer service is terrible.They are also in violation if HB22-1314, signed by Polis on 7 June 2022 effective date 10 Aug 2022.They are required to release contents of vehicle to owner within 30 days.I will report them to the state department of regulatory agencies transportation/towing.My son nearly died in a rollover accident and they just happened to be the tow agency that picked up what was left of his car. He was airlifted to UCMemorial. He doesn't have the money to pay their $480 up front, his insurance will reimburse however all he needs is to get some work related items out of the car and take some pictures and they say their policy you or the insurance has to pay.Well guess what they are in violation of the state statute and I will report them.